The Importance of Pet Dental Care: Beyond Fresh Breath

Do your pets have bad breath? This often means it’s time for pet dental care, especially cleanings. Dogs and cats can end up with tooth decay and other dental problems when their teeth and gums aren’t in good condition. At Animal Kingdom Veterinary Center in Boca Raton, we offer quality pet dental services. Give us a call at (561) 990-7414 to book an appointment with our veterinarian, Dr. Sheila Santiago.

Pet Dental Care

Types of Pet Dental Services

Dental cleanings are among the most common kinds of dental care for pets. Just as you visit your dentist to have your teeth cleaned and examined, your pets need to have this done on a regular basis. Dental cleanings for dogs and cats involve examining their teeth and gums and eliminating plaque. This helps protect against tooth decay and other dental issues.

Pets sometimes need to have teeth extracted or removed. This might need to be done if your pet has extensive decay that has gone untreated or if they have a bad infection. Having routine exams and cleanings done is a good way to lower the risk of tooth extractions in pets.

Benefits of Dental Care for Pets

What makes dental services so important for pets? When pets don’t have routine cleanings, tooth decay, gum disease, infections, and other problems can go undetected. These issues can then cause serious problems for pets. Tooth infections or advanced gum disease can put pets at a higher risk of having problems with their heart, kidneys, or other parts of their body. They might also have severe tooth pain, making it hard to eat or causing behavioral problems.

Signs of Dental Problems in Pets

How do you know if your pets have tooth or gum problems? They might have a hard time eating and chewing, especially dry food. Other signs may include drooling, foul breath, and reddish or swollen gums. Pets with dental problems might also have visibly broken or loose teeth. They might lose weight or refuse to eat due to severe tooth decay or gum disease. If your pets haven’t had a cleaning done or if they show signs of dental disease, you should schedule a cleaning. Dr. Santiago can check for dental problems and recommend treatment.

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