About us

Welcome to Animal Kingdom Veterinary Center

At Animal Kingdom Veterinary Center in Boca Raton, FL, we understand your pet is an important part of your life, which is why we are committed to providing veterinary services and treatments that will help them stay healthy. Before visiting us, keep reading below to learn more about the wide range of services that we offer.

Compassionate Veterinary Care

Your pet deserves to be treated with the same love and compassion as humans. Animals sometimes find visits to our veterinary office distressing, particularly because they are in a new environment and may associate it with pain or discomfort. Our team works to build trust and treats all animals with the utmost care and patience, whether they are receiving a checkup, standard procedure, or emergency surgery. 

Wide Range of Services

We provide critical services for all your pet's needs. We perform routine medical, preventative, and surgical care as a full-service animal hospital. Additionally, we provide the potentially life-saving treatment your pet needs in an emergency. 

Our Veterinarian and Founder

Our founder and lead veterinarian, Dr. Sheila Santiago, has years of experience in veterinary care. She handles complex cases, diagnoses, and treats animals with health conditions. In addition, she specializes in surgery, dentistry, and radiology.

Dr. Santiago continued to attend educational courses and seminars after she graduated to ensure that she is up-to-date on the latest advancements in veterinary medicine and technology. She also educates pet owners on how to keep their cat or dog healthy and answers any questions you may have.

Proper Pet Care

We help all pet owners learn proper pet car so their furry friends can stay happy and healthy. We provide guidance on nutrition, as a healthy diet prevents diseases and helps your pet grow. We’ll also recommend an exercise regime, discuss necessary vaccinations, and let you know how often you should visit us for checkups. At Animal Kingdom Veterinary Center, we are kid-friendly and provide a comfortable and calm environment. Our highly-trained professionals are here to provide the necessary and ongoing care, so your pet can enjoy a healthy and pain-free life.

Contact us Today!

If you are seeking veterinary care, our team at Animal Kingdom Veterinary Center in in Boca Raton, FL, would be happy to assist you. Whether you need to set up a routine exam or emergency services, call us at (561) 990-7414 to schedule an appointment.



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